I’m Annika Oeser, UI and UX designer originally from Hamburg, Germany. Now based in Montreal, Canada.

My passion is creating great digital experiences from highly functional and beautiful interfaces. I believe that design is not only how it looks, but how it works. I fight for user-centred design and enjoy analyzing and solving problems by sketching, prototyping and iterating.

I love to keep up to date with the latest design trends and methods—and I never stop learning! While still a visual designer at heart, I started to expand my focus to the whole UX design process over the last years. I’m currently enrolled in the Interaction Design Specialization of the University of California, San Diego, which has an emphasis on human computer interaction and research. Thanks to the online study platform Coursera I can stay in the lovely city of Montreal to do this. D’ailleurs, je suis en train d’améliorer mon français.