CSV STUDIO—Brand, UI and Web Design

CSV STUDIO is a cloud-based ETL (extract, transform, load) application for people who have to analyze huge amounts of CSV data (Comma Separated Value). Often, these files are full of small syntax errors, which makes the data difficult to process up to useless. The software will help identify and visualize these errors.

I created the logo and a simple style guide. Later I designed the website where the application is launched.

View the CSV STUDIO website.

My idea for the logo originates in the meaning of the acronym CSV: Comma Separated Values.

The style guide covers the most important elements as the logo on different backgrounds and in different formats. I shared the guidelines on zeplin.io with the team. It’s a collaboration tool to share design files and to create style guides with the possibility to extract CSS values.

The user interface of the application will be available in a dark and a bright theme. Some people prefer working on a dark screen, some prefer bright environments. My challenge was to find a colour palette that works on both themes.

I created the website in close collaboration with the founder of CSV STUDIO. The goal of this one-page design is to launch the application and to gain contacts of interested professionals. People can watch tutorials, sign up with their email and therefore receive a free download of the application.

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